Essay on The Book ' The Voyage '

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The Voyage Begins Fascination of animals is a common thing that’s occurred amongst all generations. Whether they be exotic or more familiar, we can’t take our eyes off of them. They are beautiful to us because their whole world is completely different than ours. Striving for that feeling of certainty most animals have, our imagination turns us into an animal, letting our minds wander away from the world we live in. Conceptualizing the comparison of animals we observe and us, it begins to leave interest of all the other types of animals in the world. We must realize putting animals on display does not always make for the best experience. Seaworld, a theme park that often exposes marine life, gives the public countless opportunities to learn. That being said, the wildlife showcased are endangered and trapped everyday of their lives. Animals should be entitled to freedom just as much as we are.
Seaworld and other animal themed parks have promoted our curiosity starting around our childhood. As a kid, seeing the ginormous sea creatures on the pixelated screen might have been the most majestic scene ever advertised. It allowed us to visit a whole new world and experience all kinds of animals up close in an unnatural habitat. Exploring through a place like Seaworld, we 're presented with fascinating opportunities to admire the world 's top predators and strange creatures with unpronounceable names. Sandra Pedicini, a business reporter for the Orlando Sentinel believes that,…

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