Book Of Tobit Character Analysis

Just a reminder, I read all of Daniel and summarized it in last week’s blog.
In the Book of Tobit an Israelite by the name of Tobit lived in Nineveh. Tobit was the grandson of the infamous Deborah and was also raised by her. Tobit was loyal to God and God appreciated that, but Jeroboam the king of Northern Israel exiled him. By the time Tobit had reached an older age, he was determined to burry fallen Israelites, but throughout his journey he was sure his life meant nothing anymore and prayed for death. While this is partaking, a woman by the name of Sarah also prays for death, because every fiancé she’s ever had was killed right before their marriage. So then God sent an angle by the name of Raphael, who was disguised as a human, to help
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A man by the name of Antiochus tries to conquer the Jews by destroying the Temple, and sacrificing an unclean animal on the altar in the Holy of Holies. He also outlaws circumcision and possession of Jewish scriptures of death and pain and many other Jewish cultural religions. A man by the name of Matthias asks the people if they are loyal to the traditions of Israel and ask them to upraise against Antiochus. Then a man by the name of Simon leads the Jews into a peaceful and prosperous life until Ptolemy, son of Abubus, kills him. The Mishnah is an oral teaching of judgment on a debate that was given by a notable rabbi. Usually based on the halcha, mitzvoth, or the spirit of the Torah that helps the Rabbi’s decision. Within the Mishnah are the Biblical Laws that were needed during the time the Second Temple was destroyed. The Mishnah isn’t thought to be as new laws, but existing traditions. Throughout chapter ten of Hauer and Young it provides a summary of the Maccabean Period, where up above I already summarized. The New Order is a summary over the Jewish historian Josephus and his attempt to designate competing viewpoints in Judaism. The American Protestantism provided an understanding of these early classical Judaism. Sometimes the Torah is misunderstood for purity and impurity because of modern specular. A second Jewish war with Rome caused, as we know today archaeological research.

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