Essay The Book By Ben Quash And Michael Ward

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The book is named “Heresies and How to Avoid Them”. A total of 12 writers contributed writings for the book; however, Ben Quash and Michael Ward are the editors. Ben Quash received an undergraduate and doctorate in theology from Cambridge University. He currently is an Anglican priest and Professor of Christianity and Arts at King College. Michael Ward is a writer, Anglican priest, and a Chaplain at Peterhouse. He received a doctorate from the University of St Andrews and has several publications. The purpose of the book is to show why it matters what Christians believe. The thesis statement is important because the book shows how heresies can affect one’s belief.
Ben Quash and Michael Ward divide the book into two part. The two part are heresies about Christ and heresies about church and Christian living. Heresies about Christ is composed of six chapters. Each of the six chapters explain a type of heresy that questioned Christ and his divine nature. The name of the six heresies are Arianism, Docetism, Nestorianism, Eutychianism, Adoptionism, and Theopaschitism. Arianism argues the full divinity of Jesus. Docetism suggests that Jesus was human because of the human characteristics that he possessed. Nestorianism debates Jesus’ divinity as opposed to his humanity. Eutychianism wants one to believe that Jesus could not have been both divine and human at same time. Adoptionism questions whether Jesus was the son of God by nature or adoption. Theopaschitism…

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