The Book ' About The Meaning Of Life ' By Michael Wittmer Essay

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The main point of this book is “about the meaning of life.” Throughout the book we are given a very detailed description about what our life is about as Christians in this world. The book digs into everything from what eternity will be like, to answering some of questions we have about human activities, and even humanity itself. The most important aspect of this book is that we are taking in all of these topics from a biblical perspective. Throughout the book, the author Michael Wittmer does a very good job showing us what the bible has to say about certain topics and situations that we will encounter in our Christian walk. The book really completes its purpose of describing the meaning of life, and it does it in a way that always links back to the Bible.

The author Michael Wittmer is a professor of Bible, Religion, and Ministry at the Grand Rapids Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has three degrees from three different colleges which are, Cedarville University B.A., Grand Rapids Theological Seminary Th.M., M.Div., and Calvin Theological Seminary Ph.D. He currently teaches Christian worldview and two other classes at the Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, and he has written five books that mostly tackle things like culture, worldview, and apologetics.

The book starts out with the rather odd statement of “I don’t want to go to heaven.” The intention of this saying is not to go against the idea of heaven, but it is going against the portrayal of heaven…

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