The Bombing Of The United States Essay example

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On September 11, 2001, the United States came under attack from a foreign enemy. A series of suicide attacks, which involved the hijacking of four airlines, were carried out by the Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda. An attack of this magnitude had never been experienced and left the American public in shock. As the media and the public were in a scramble for answers it was evident that the United States was under another terrorist attack.
The Free Dictionary definition of terrorism is “the use of violence or the threat of violence, especially against civilians, in pursuit of political goals” ( Provided this definition al-Qaeda’s motives for attacking the United States were because of America’s support of Israel, involvement in the Persian Gulf War and continued presence in the Middle East. Nineteen militants who had taken flight classes orchestrated the attacks. The militants were able to smuggle box-cutters and knives that were later used to commandeer the four planes. With their weapons attained and targets acquired the militants set off to capture the world’s attention.
Initially, it was al-Qaeda’s hope that attacking the United States would promote fear and weaken the nation. Al-Qaeda’s goal was to get rid of the United States presence in the Middle East and to halt America’s involvement with Israel. However, these attacks were not inspired by a radical interpretation of Islam but an expression of opposition for America’s Middle East…

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