The Bogeyman Short Story Analysis

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He is one of the fears you have in your imagination And that should explain a lot of your fears

. Do you remember the boogeyman from your childhood? There are many kinds of boogeymen; each one different and similar in every culture, El Cucuy, Butzmann, Hombre del Saco, Namahage. These monsters can be very scary especially to young children. You can find tales of monsters in every culture . The Boogeyman tale , and about an article from Scientific American that analyzes all kinds of monster. The author Stephen King in his short story “ The Boogeyman “ explains how the boogeyman is a very frightening monster that should be feared. He tells this spooky tale by explaining how Lester Billings was traumatized because the boogeyman
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These tales might seem really scary to young children because they are developing fears to determine rights or wrongs. The modern boogeyman would be like Freddy Kruger or Pennywise, which shows that leaving your house at night, and underage drinking is bad because their might be certain kinds of danger lurking out. Those kinds of fears of the monsters help us develop a warning, for us to get out of a certain situation or keep us doing the right things in order for us to survive. The author’s intention was to express his or her thoughts on why the boogeyman tales-like keep us from misbehaving and being naughty as young …show more content…
The Scientific American article explains about all the stories and versions of boogeyman and how it affects society. Each article has a different purpose but similar topic. The Scientific American article purpose is to explain the Stephen King’s is to entertain the audience with a chilling story. Another difference is that the article talks about how different monsters in different time periods. Like the Michael Myers or Jason Vorhees are more of the more modern types of boogeymans that kills rebellious teens while Stephen King just talk about one monster that follows Lester and his children and ultimately end up killing

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