How Does Boo Radley Mature In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Every town has that one person of house that all the children are afraid of. These fears are formed by the thing the children see, but things are not always as they seem. In the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, the main character Scout Finch learns throughout the book that the man she is afraid of is really a loving old man, not a scary monster. Scout Finch grew up in Maycomb County and she had never met or even seen Boo Radley; only ever heard stories. She always thought that Boo Radley was this scary man who had poisoned fruit trees in his yard and never came out of his house because he was chained to his bed. As Scout matures she learns that Boo Radley is not so bad after all. As a young girl, Scout Finch was terrified of encountering her feared neighbor Boo Radley, but over the summer Scout starts to feel bad for the man who has no friends. Boo starts hiding gifts for Scout to find and then saves her life. Scout learns that …show more content…
It all happens on the night of Scout’s school play. Scout was a ham and her brother Jem went with Scout to the play. The night started out with them being scared my Cecil Jacobs, a classmate of Scouts. After the play when the children started walking home it was very dark and the children were on edge. Jem was sure that someone was following them and told Scout to be very quiet. They thought that it was Cecil Jacobs again. Scout then yelled out “Cecil Jacobs is a big wet hen!” When Scout yelled it must have alerted Boo, who lived next to the school, for he came outside. The children then get attacked and Jem’s arm gets broken. Scout does not know what is going on, but a shadow walks up and picks Jem up and starts walking him home. Once Scout was in the house she could that Boo was the one that had carried Jem home. Atticus said to Boo, “Thank you for my children.” Scout walked Boo home and she never saw his again, but she was no longer afraid of him, she loved

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