The Body Language Of The Speaker Essays

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Parenting Ted Talk Review
Conner Flynn

Parenting Ted Talk was reviewed and discussed in many different aspects. The body language of the speaker was discussed as for how her movements affect the speech and relate to the audience. The reliability on whether the speaker has a well-known knowledge on the subject being spoken on is discovered and proven whether or not she should be speaking on the subject. Also the many different varieties of parenting styles are discussed and compared to each other and that of the speech.

Jennifer Senior’s ted talk, “For parents, happiness is a very high bar,” talks about many different aspects of parenting. With that said, some will possibly differentiate on the views as far as these subjects. Jennifer Senior expresses her opinion on how parents these days stress themselves out too much because they try to control every action of their children’s lives when all that will result to is extreme anxiety and stress related issues. A problem with Senior’s approach is that she does not provide many in detail descriptions of these problems. For example, parents push their kids to possess certain interests too often. Most of the time this problem occurs in sports because parents push the young kids to train at a high level at a young age. This problem itself causes children to either not enjoy the sport, or just stress out every time they go to played that sport. Not just sports though, parents push…

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