The Body, By Stephen King Essay

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Ongoing debates regarding the quality of a movie compared to the narrative it is based upon are present in everyday life. Some people believe that the narrative always has a greater appeal than the movie as a result of the significant amount of detail available that may be insufficient in the movie. Others argue that movies are more intriguing than the narrative due to the visual effects that they may not be able to conceptualize while reading. Such discussion pertains to the movie Stand by Me and its respective novella, The Body, written by Stephen King. Regardless of a person’s point of view concerning these disputes, an agreement can be made that watching the movie prior to reading the literary work can substantially change the perception of various components of the literary work.
When the movie is viewed prior to one reading the novella, one constituent of the novella that diverges from its actual purpose is the words of the novella itself. This phenomenon occurs as a result of how the words in the novella were presented in the movie. Many directors choose either to use visual descriptions to illustrate the detail within the narrative or to leave it out completely. Rob Reiner, the director of Stand by Me, alternatively introduces a narrator into his film. The narrator dictates a script taken basically word-for-word from the novella. Once the narrator’s voice penetrates the mind, reading the novella without hearing the voice of the narrator can be arduous. Additionally,…

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