The Black Young People Based On The Past And Certain Ignorant Beings

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begun to attack the black young people based on the past and certain ignorant beings. But one cannot start to discriminate towards our future. The world does not know in twenty years who our president may be or even our doctors saving lives. The youth is the key to saving this nation from sinking. If racial discrimination is still amongst us as a country, we are doomed for disaster.
“Black Lives Matter” slogans, chants, tee shirts, and posted signs are on display in many urban communities today. You turn on the television or read a Facebook post to find discussions regarding today’s youth being imprisoned, shot, beat, and expelled from schools across the nation. Education, historically, was the key to avoid much of the plagues that harmed the black community. Being educated was believed to rescue children from the dire circumstances that their poor and uneducated parents exposed them to. What happens when the keys to unlocking opportunities are denied to minority students daily in life changing ways? The negro race will be saved by the exceptional men (Du Bois 50). But first we have to let these people be exceptional.
Bennett begins by speaking for America:
A literature review failed to uncover empirical research that examined and compared experiences of multiple such groups simultaneously, leaving the issue to be adjudicated using mostly anecdotal evidence rather than quantitative data from these subpopulations. With return to a reflection on race in public discourse…

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