Essay On White Racial Privilege

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White Racial Privilege
White racial privilege is as real today as it was in the past. Research from various organizations reveal instances of racial privilege. The studies show that whites receive certain favours that other races did not. As a result of these findings, various psychologists have undertaken the initiative of finding out the truth. Most of the findings reveal that white racial privilege is prevalent in contemporary society. The following study argues that white racial favours are real and practiced in present-day society. White racial privilege is found in education, employment, and housing sectors.
White privilege has several definitions. One of the definitions is that it is the ability of whites to retain a high position while at the same time disguising racial inequality.
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The concept is identified in the economic, health, education, and housing sectors. In the education sector, whites are favoured regarding funding and quality educational facilities as well as highly educated teachers. It is revealed that schools in wealthier neighbourhoods receive more money for the running of schools in their district because of the property taxes. The significant funding per student ensures that schools receive more technologies and experienced and qualified teachers. In the housing sector, white racial privilege is identified for the purchase of homes. The studies show that whites are given the priority over non-whites. Furthermore, whites are readily given bank loans to build their homes. Often times their interest rate is also much less than that of their black counterparts. Lastly, employment opportunities are easily available for those that have a higher degree of education and due to tHe inequality of black education they are often not able to possess the skills required for the high paying salaries of professionals and others in the market

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