The Biomedical Model And The Social Model Essay

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Each model of health holds a different idea of what ‘health’ is and what it means to be ‘healthy’. Being healthy is viewed as important as it affects how people experience illness and how they treat those who are ill (Baum, 2008). Some models look at health through a medical lens, whereas others view it from a social perspective. This essay will look at two models of health and discuss how they view health, how it aims to improve overall health and the limitations of the model. The models that will be discussed are the biomedical model and the social model. These two models will also be compared against each other and discuss the common interests they share.

The biomedical model, also known as the ‘clockwork definition’, is seen as being the most dominant of all the current health models and is the conventional approach within Western civilisation (Ryan, Carryer & Patterson, 2003). This model is based in naturalism and individualism and defines health as the absence of disease, pain and defects (Fanany & Fanany, 2012). The biomedical model places a high value on scientific research methods and medical personnel with the primary aim to diagnose and explain the health issue in terms of it being a malfunction of the body’s internal functions (Jones, 1997) (Ryan, Carryer & Patterson, 2003). This model focuses on only biological explanations and excludes possible psychological and social factors (Medilexicon, 2006). This model attributes the occurrence of poor health to the…

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