The Bill That I Will Be Writing About Is Listed Under The Number

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Introduction The Bill that I will be writing about is listed under the number “H. R.4013.” The name of the bill is “Equity and Excellence in American Education Act of 2015.” The Bill is sponsored by Representative Michael M. Honda. Mr.Honda is co-sponsered with this Bill by a total of 34 Democratic Representatives. Nine of them are also from California, along with Rep. Honda. Four of them are from Texas. Three are from Ohio. There are two from each state: Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Washington. There is one Representative from each state listed afterward: Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin. Out of the 435 Representatives (, 34 of them sponsor the Bill. All of the Representatives that support the Bill are Democratic Representatives. We see here that in terms of promoting better education, Democrats are pushing for the government to make a move.

What is the purpose of the Bill and Has it made any progress? The purpose of the Bill is “To create an equitable and excellent education system in the United States so that every child, regardless of race, ethnicity, social class, or State of residence, can receive a high-quality, academically rigorous education in a local public school” ( The push for this Bill is to improve education across the board, meaning regardless of any child’s background. This is a Bill concerning a more social interest than an economic interest, but in order for the…

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