The Bill Of Rights And Freedom Of Religion Essay

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The Bill of Rights are the first ten Amendments to the Constitution. The Bill of Rights works to provide constitutional protection for the individual and to limit government power. The First Amendment and the Sixth Amendment protects the individual by allowing religious and political: and by promising a public and speedy trial. The Fourth Amendment protects the individual’s privacy and limits the reach of the government into people’s homes and personal belongings. The three essential Amendments from the Bill of Rights are The First Amendment- Religious and Political freedom: the Fourth Amendment- Search and Seizure: and the Sixth Amendment- Right to a Speedy, Public Trial. The First Amendment “protects five fundamental freedoms: religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition” (Goldfield et al. A-57). The First Amendment protects the freedom of religion and practicing a religion. This protects minority religions from oppression by the government or by other religions. This also protects people from retribution for changing religions; in Muslim countries it is illegal to change to another religion form Islam. Freedom of religion also allows people to not follow one at all. Preventing Congress from passing laws regarding religion is important because “nobody should ever be told how to practice his or her own religion or what religion to follow” (Thomas). Freedom of speech is protected by the First Amendment. This amendment allows the citizens to engage in symbolic speech,…

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