Essay about The Big Separation Of College Students

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The Big Separation
Almost every college student has struggled with preparing to apply to college. The process of filling out all the necessary paperwork and getting everything in order can be stressful and chaotic. Occasionally it feels as if it is just too much. The overwhelming pressure of meeting deadlines and completing tasks can drive a person crazy, especially students. Preparing for college is a long, draining process that every college student has gone through. Each college student knows what it is like to constantly worry whether or not the score on the ACT is high enough to get accepted into a school or if certain AP credits will transfer to the school of choice.
It’s my junior year of high school, and I had just begun looking at colleges and universities I believed would suit me personally and educationally. Each school was severely critiqued on certain elements they had to offer, such as, majors/minors, clubs and organizations, pre-professional programs, and even extracurricular activities. This was going to be the place I would ultimately spend the next four years of my life, so I needed to make the perfect decision. Each dimension of my checklist was crucial because I needed to examine exactly what type of education and possible college experience I would possibly have. Now, it’s senior year and I have dozens of college brochures, pamphlets, applications, and much more. As the months go by, my vast amount of applications gradually thins out. I become more…

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