The Big Bang Theory And Steady State Theory

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Discussion – Tayla Dorrington
There are 2 major theories about the universe and how it began. These are the steady state and The Big Bang theory. Both theories have an explanation on how our Universe is, how it began and how it works. Both theories have stuff in common but also have many differences that could completely change the way we look at the Universe. The Big Bang Theory has much more evidence supporting it, while the Steady State Theory has been proven wrong.
Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory first started from Hubble’s discovery of the Universe’s expansion. It states that all matter and energy in the universe were created in an explosion from a single tiny point about 14 billion years ago. All the matter and energy
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The steady state theory states that the universe on a large scale does not change over time. It has always existed and will always continue to exist looking much as it does now. The density of the universe remains the same because as the universe expands matter is continuously being created to fill the gap. It believes that universe has always existed and will always exist. This theory is not a major part of science anymore because it has been proven wrong due to the fact that scientist began seeing differences between how the universe is now compared to how it was back …show more content…
Scientists discovered that there are microwaves coming from every direction in space. Electromagnetic radiation which was present shortly after the big bang is now observed as background microwave radiation. Big Bang theory says this energy has been travelling through space ever since it was created at the beginning of the universe, just after the Big Bang. CMBR Is the remains of energy created just after the Big Bang. Cosmic Microwave Background radiation supports the Big Bang Theory but is more Evidence that has been put against the Steady State

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