Essay about The Bible As The Source Of Inerrant Truth

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Christians typically cite the Bible as the source of inerrant truth. This conservative mindset rooted in tradition thus presents arguments against same-sex marriage, including biblical proscriptions, the complementarity of men and women (Jelen, 2011), and the Vatican’s stance on homosexuality. Moreover, official Church leaders and the Vatican have opposed same-sex marriage. Adherence to traditional values, as interpreted from the Bible, centralizes many Christians’ concepts of morality, including* “traditional views on marriage and condemned contraception, abortion, and homosexuality as grave sins” (Warner, 2010, p. 8). Moreover, conservative Christians often interpret the Bible as condoning homosexuality and is thus against same-sex marriage. For example, some Christians will justify their stance on same-sex marriage by crediting “biblical proscriptions on homosexual behaviour and liberally conjured dark and threatening images of homosexuals as proselytizes and corruptors of children” (Warner, 2010, p. 12). In particular, in order to emphasize the complementarity of men and women, conservative Christians identify a number of passages that bolster their stance against same-sex marriage:
Often they quoted Genesis 2 (the story of Adam and Eve) or the gospel of Matthew 19:4–6 (about a man being joined to his wife as one flesh) to show their understanding that the biblical view is that heterosexuality is the only possible legitimate sexuality. Marriage is a ‘divine institution…

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