The Bible Among The Myths Essay

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The author, John N. Oswalt, book The Bible Among the Myths begins with the assertion of how unique the Christian-biblical worldview of ancient stories is a myth and that Jesus Christ is not real no more than Zeus or Osiris being real. Oswalt write that there is a lack of understanding about what constitutes a myth, as some people think it is simply a stories that are false. Oswalt also stated that the book primarily because of the changes between the characteristics of Ancient Israelite way of thought was so different from that of their neighbors West Semitic religions, today’s society, that are naive and the unique features of the Old Testament view of reality are thought to be explicable “on the basis of evolutionary change.” As Oswalt writes in the introduction of the book he highlights the education at Asbury Theological Seminary and graduate studies at Brandeis University, he also discusses the how a change of course happen in his discussion on the literature of the Ancient Near East. Few of the main reasons for those change were the economic depression and two world wars in United States. Primarily reason for this change, according to Oswalt, there was two scholars from generation ago Albright and Wright, argued that the previous century’s higher criticism model, suggest that Israel’s way of life was so different from the neighboring country. But suggests that no way Israel could have copied any portion and adopted it to their way of life. Oswalt’s book…

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