Native American Folklore: Legends, Myths, And Fairy Tales

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Folklore is a collection of stories passed down from generation to generation that includes Legends, Myths, and Fairy Tales
“Legends- a traditional story that is told over and over throughout several generations that is historic but sometimes unauthentic.
Myths- a traditional story, that concerns the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events.
Fairy Tales- a children's story that involves magical and mysterious being or things.
Native American Folklore is based on values of the land and gods that they worship and mostly stories that are about animals”
Legends is most heavily concentrated in the Native American folklore.
Respect for nature is reflected in
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In “Attack of the Mammoth” a family travels and hunts beavers. The mother of the family went for a walk with her son on her back with a toboggan full of beaver meat. A mammoth stalks the smell of the meat and takes it from her. So there was still one last mammoth left on the earth. In White Buffalo Women it’s about a beautiful lady out on the plain all by herself and is covered with buffalo hide and touched brave men and killed them and left nothing but bones and snakes behind. The first myth had a women that was afraid of a mammoth and the second was about a women that men were scared of. They reflect the culture because it deals with animals and sacred traditions like hunting buffaloes and beavers and traveling and exploring the land.The values of the mammoth and buffalo is evident in both of them because the native americans depend on their meat and hides to survive and thrive. The oral tradition contributed to the widespread belief that gods walk among men because it makes the myths more magnificent and …show more content…
In “Indian Cinderella”a girl with two older sisters that both tortured her and treated her like a peasant. She had scars all over her face and wasn’t clean because they wouldn’t let her be. One day she put on her dad's moccasins and made a dress out of bark and went to see the invisible prince and if she could see him then they would get married. She is able to see him and the prince's sister cleans her up and all her scars go away and her eyes are the most beautiful thing in the world and her hair grows back out. So she turned from rags to riches in a day. “Seven Dancing Brothers” is about Seven brothers that rolled a stone wheel in the corn patch. So one day the mother got stock rocks and melted them and told their children since they like stone more than the corn. So the kids ran off and did a dance and they feet left the ground. So the mother pulled one down and he sank into the earth. So the mother now goes to that spot and weepted everyday for the loss of her sons. The first fairy tale deals with three daughters and two of them treat the youngest bad. The youngest ends up marrying the prince and becomes rich. The second fairy tale has seven brothers and a mom that is mean to them and they do a little dance and go up into the sky and the mother never gets to see them again. It reflects the culture because it shows how karma works in life and what happens when you aren’t

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