The Between Shameless And The British Series Essay

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Folklore are beliefs and ideas that are constantly changing throughout television or any source of media because Shameless was created by Paul Abbott, it is a comedy-drama remake based on the British series. The show centers on a dysfunctional family which consists of six siblings of Chicago, Illinois who struggle with their alcoholic father and estranged mother. Although many reality television shows exist to follow standard entertainment, Shameless can be argued as a modern folklore. The show, Shameless, is able to operate as folklore by qualities and characteristics presented in the show as the trickster, folk groups, motifs, and social context, but the main characters are archetypes of traditional hero which supports less validity of a modern folklore.
Tricksters have become more influential into television, as they explore the modern culture. Tricksters are recognized as a major role in American television. American writers recognize characters portrayed as a trickster that can give the audience entertainment. For example, Frank Gallagher, played by William H. Macy, displays several characteristics of a trickster. The characteristics of a trickster are selfish, witty, and amoral. He is seen as a profane or earth-bound trickster. He is selfish as he disrupts the balance of his household. Frank is usually seen alone and does not engage with others unless to manipulate them for his own gain. He exploits every window of opportunity. Frank is the father of Fiona, Phillip…

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