The Between Scientific And Religious Communities Essay

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Another aspect of culture that might change over time is the cognitive aspect of culture. Ideas, Knowledge and Belief are basic units of knowledge construction. Ideas are considered as mental representation and are used to organize stimulus. When ideas are link together it will organize into larger systems of information which will become knowledge. Knowledge now is considered as a storage of information fact or assumption, and these knowledge can be passed down from one generation to another. Belief on the other hand assumes that a statement of fact are true in nature. These acceptance were influenced by the external authorities such as government, religion, or science rather than proven true from the individual 's direct experiences. This is why there was a clash between the scientific and religious communities because evolution differed from the beliefs of the religious, and to the religious, the acceptance of evolution would seem as an invalidation of their beliefs. Wanting to maintain beliefs and values guides the ways a person goes through life and how they interact with the world. In spite of that, beliefs in culture is adaptive and able to transform as time progresses. Materials in a culture however do not lose their meaning as time progresses. The material component of culture serves as the expression of individual culture. With the physical objects, members of a culture have a tangible embodiment of their culture that possesses meaning and symbolism. People 's…

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