The Between Real And Fake Essay

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The word “Pseudo” in “pseudoscience” means “fake,” so it all comes down to where does one draw the line between real and fake? Webster Dictionary defines it as “a system of theories, assumptions, and methods erroneously regarded as scientific” Knowing .what science exactly is isn 't just knowing certain facts such as the process of cell division to balancing chemical equations. In fact, it is the act of understanding the nature of science itself, finding valid evidence, conducting thorough experiments, weighing out the possibilities and finally, testing the hypotheses. In the end this makes it possible to come to reliable, accurate, and meaningful conclusions regarding the world around us. Pseudosciences have numerous characteristics in common; they all display a level of ignorance towards factual evidence. Pseudoscience usually begins with just a hypothesis, one that appeals to the audience on some kind of level (whether it be emotionally or personally) and is seriously improbable. Next, the pseudoscientist will only look for “evidence” which appear to support it, real evidence which conflicts with this is ignored. Through personal observations I have found that the aim of pseudoscience is to defend strongly held beliefs, rather than to investigate and find out the truth, or to test various other hypotheses. According to justificitionalists scientific knowledge is comprised of proven propositions, nevertheless, in pseudoscience, emphasis is not placed on meaningful,…

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