The Between Prem And Bhakti Essay

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Building on the theme of the preceding verse pertaining to prem pīḍā (pangs of love) and lāy (intense desire), this verse contends that a love-stricken heart is indeed the temple of prem bhakti or loving devotion for the Lord. As the intensity of prem bhakti engulfs the a(n)tar (inner self), leading to a fixation and passion for the Beloved, concludes the verse, one should engage in incessant remembrance of the Beloved.

The word bhagtī, used in the above verse is same as the Sanskrit word bhakti, which means, ‘devotion’, ‘adoration’, ‘worship’. Bhakti is not about blind love - rather, it is about being blind in love. The relationship between prem and bhakti is analogous to that of air and wind – just as wind is a current or flow of air, likewise, bhakti is an active expression of love in the form of worship or it is love in action. Therefore, love and action are two important aspects of bhakti. The third significant aspect of bhakti is mystical or spiritual knowledge, according the definition of the word bhakti provided by the Monier Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary: “faith or love or devotion as a religious principle or means of salvation, together with karman, ‘works’ and jñāna, ‘spiritual knowledge’.” Thus, bhakti is a confluence of love, knowledge and action. Prem bhakti, therefore means, ‘devotion out of love’, ‘worship rooted in love’ or simply ‘loving devotion’.

There are a wide-range of meanings of the word leh, used in the second line including,…

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