Essay on The Between Mesopotamia And Egypt

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Describe how beer was influential to the development of Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Mesopotamia and Egypt were two of the first civilizations in the world., and they set a precedent for many civilizations to come. The well known beverage beer was greatly influential to the development of these civilizations. As early civilizations, Mesopotamia and Egypt were inhabited by some of the first people to transition from hunting and gathering to farming and domestication. Beer can credited with this switch. The cereal crops used to make beer were originally wild, and abundant in this region (15). They could gather and store large quantities, but the grains couldn’t be left unguarded, and this led to the first permanent settlements (13). Once beer was discovered, it’s gaining popularity and the people’s limited mobility called for a way to ensure a steady supply of grain. It’s possible farming was adopted to do just that (21). The vitamin B in beer made up for the lack of meat as hunting decreased (21). The switch to agriculture led to improvements in technology. They began using communal irrigation systems to water their cereal crop (31).

The appearance of beer also led to improvements in other parts of life. As Mesopotamia/Egypt grew and cities began to develop, a need for more organized economics appeared. Beer was able to fulfill this need. Beer, as well as bread, could be used as currency (26). This means of payment soon became widespread (35). Laborers behind important…

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