The Between God And The Trinity Essay

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What events in the past have influenced the current tension between the two groups from their personal religious views, their Holy Books, and their views toward each other’s religion? There is a question that pops up in my mind and probably a few other people’s minds, “If Christians and Muslims believe in one true God, then why is there such a controversy about it?” I often ask myself this question when the subject is brought up. “Our understanding of who Christ helps us understand the One God in different terms.” –Fr. Theodore Pulcini. In both religions, God is the sovereign ruler over all mankind, but who God sent to all of mankind to spread the word of God is quite the controversy. Christianity has three major beliefs that play a big role in their religion. These three major beliefs are God, Jesus, and the Trinity. In Christianity, God is Father or Creator of all people. Jesus is the Son of God or Savior who delivers people from sin and eternal death. Christianity is mistaken for being a polytheistic religion because the Trinity, in some religions, is believed as three separate beings instead of one. The Trinity is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Christians use prayer as a solemn act of reaching out to God about needs in their life or just to thank Him for all that He does for them. Jesus teaches His disciples how to pray to God the Father as mentioned in the New Testament of the Christian holy book, the Bible. (“Basics of Christian Beliefs”).…

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