Essay on The Between Broken Homes And Crime Committed By Young People

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Crminal Justice entities exist to serve individuals and families the same way the Department of Human Services does. One sizeable reason systems like these even exist is because crime happens. There are multiple reasons why crime happens and the focus of my efforts are centered on the link between broken families and deviant or even criminal nehavior. I believe there is a direct link between broken homes and crime committed by young people. The government focused in the past on factors like poverty and a person 's race but left their family life unexamined. Many children today are being raised in single parent homes which creates risk.
Single Parent Families
When children do not have a father figure of some kind in their lives, it creates a struggle for them. They are far more likely to be poor, engage in sexual activity earlier in life, suffer from substance abuse and have difficulty completing school than their counterparts in two parent homes. In addition to the difficulties listed above, children of single parents may struggle socially as well. They may not fit in with other children and can act out in order to receive attention. Our government has to act to fix the root cause of the issue which again, is broken families in America.
Crime in America Regardless of where someone is from in the United States, everyone at some point will be affected by crime. That means that every citizen has a stake in fixing or lessening this issue. Part of government recognized need for…

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