Model Of Mass Incarceration

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This model of mass incarceration has become too trendy, especially for the state of California. In the past decade the state of California has spent more money on building prisons than it spent for school and university funding. We should rely on alternatives modes that prove more effective in deterring crime. Introducing more effective modes of rehabilitation and possibly excarceration altogether serves as a much better strategy. Amongst many others, some of these goals include the following:

Reentry programs are designed to assist prisoners that are about to be released with a successful transition to their community. Specifically, the focus of these programs aims to support post-incarceration re-entry efforts by helping with housing and
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An estimated fifteen percent of the US population will reach the age of 25 completely disengaged from education and employment and face a lifetime of difficulties (Roca citing). Without any type of prevention system in place, adulthood is more likely to result in poverty and contribute to increased rates crime rates. Outreach youth programs that offer young people a supportive environment have proven to be successful. Programs like ROCA help disengaged and disenfranchised young people move out of violence and poverty and in turn move them into educational, employment and life skills programs. The program tracks each participant’s progress over a long period of time (2-3 years) to ensure the sustainability of the behavior changes and long-term outcomes (Roca citing). In 2013, “Roca served 469 high-risk young men (ages 17-23) with a demonstrated history of criminal behavior and high likelihood for future criminal activity and incarceration” (Roca citing). Of those who participated in the program 89% had no new arrests, 95% had no new technical violations and 69% had retained employment (Roca citing). Programs that demonstrate success in altering their life outcomes need to be recognized and implemented …show more content…
Utilizing a community justice model that gives priority to the community can help prevent crime and enhance the quality of life in the community. A community justice initiative much like a court can be funded by diverting dollars from less effective, contemporary expenditures to more effective, community –oriented initiatives. One idea is that the offenders work in the community they victimized. David carp and Todd Clear suggest that the community should come together to realize common values in which citizens and professional superiors come together to influence the local practice of justice. Many disputes can be handled humanely in the community by the community, discarding the traditional adversarial approach of arrest/court/fine-or-prison approach. Generally speaking, the problem-solving movement represents a gathering of good ideas and interesting strategies borrowed from other disciplines, including meditation, the victim’s movement and therapeutic jurisprudence. For instance, community meditation is a process in which two conflicting parties come together to discuss their differences and agree on a mutually acceptable resolution with minimal intervention by a third person whom serves as a referee. Community meditation earns high points from disputants because it is fair and fairly quick, compared to court proceedings. Another form of community justice is restorative justice where the victim is brought to the

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