The Best Way Of Present Essay

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Best way of present
“A picture can explain more than a thousand words” What is this quote mean? Some people believe picture can describe the real meaning better than speak it is true? The answer is true because picture is one of the best choice that attractive people and help people to understand. Picture in these meaning are including photo, graph, and number. No one’s in the world like to see the information that is hard to understand and complicated. Many companies around the world have to face this problem and finding the solution. Nowadays, the solution of this problem is combine the speech and picture together use to explain significant information such as news, data and statistic because everyone can imagine and comprehend. For instance, some of advertise company use graph to enhance reliability and catch the attention. What is graph? Graph is a diagram that represent a system of connection or interrelations among two or more things by a number of distinctive dots, lines, bars, etc. However, graph is not use to describe only the number and human population but graph can enhance the expression of ideas and present in a meaningful way that people can imagine how different between two or more thing. In the statistics have many type of graphs but the common types that people always use to explain are bar chart, pie chart, histogram chart, Scatter graph, and times series graph. How do you know which graph is right for you, different kind of graph have a different use…

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