The Best Source Of Accurate Honest Health Information Essay

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5.) Research journal studies are the best source of accurate honest health information. When a person is trying to access information about their health they want honest information that can help them by professionals who have a true medical background. A research journal should consist of verifiable data, it should be peer-reviewed, consist of a large sample size, be without biased or for-profit influence, and contain solid references. A peer-reviewed journal is most helpful because it gives the study an opportunity to be scrutinized by other professional in the field so as a person who is looking for accurate information you know that it has been evaluated by multiple professionals. Research studies also need to be based solely on the data and have no outside influences whether they are bias or for a profit, an accurate study needs to be completed based on just the information alone otherwise it is just someone stating an opinion no actual facts. A doctor does not want to prescribe a drug that one person seen results they want to see results in multiple patients or test subjects and see that the results are verified can be repeated if necessary. These research based journal studies are the definitely the most reliable source of information as they have multiple factors that go into the creation of them along with verifying their integrity.

6a.) The six dimensions of health are Physical Health, Social Health, Intellectual Health, Emotional Health, Spiritual Health, and…

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