The Best Or Worst Business Communicator Essay

1180 Words Oct 18th, 2015 null Page
Peter Drucker’s famous quote about communication, “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn 't said,” like other advice, has been taken and put into practice by many people and organizations all over the world (Fleck, 2005, p. 50). Effective communication skills undoubtedly plays a significant role in every aspect of life. Moreover, it is a crucial key to success in the business world where the quality of communication is one of the primary sources that ultimately determines a business’s success. In fact, poor communications have been accountable for a number of organizational problems. Generally, the main goal of communicators is to get their ideas transferred and accepted. However, a good leader does not necessarily mean he or she is a good communicator. Despite bearing some similarities in purpose, there are some salient key points that can make a person, or an organization, become the best or worst business communicator.
First of all, great communicators comprehend that trust is a mandatory for communication to take place. To be specific, it is the ability to not only to earn trust from the audience but also to put trust in them. Without trustworthiness, even the most skillful and well-known communicators will find it difficult to be persuasive. Trust requires a person, or a company, to be honest, forthright, competent, selfless, and timely in communicating with others. These characteristics have been prominently demonstrated in the methods that big…

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