Essay on The Benefits Year Round Schooling

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The Benefits Year-Round Schooling
Since the beginning of time, teaching and learning has been a detrimental part of what makes us able to innovate and experience the world around us. A form of schooling introduced in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s was a year round school system (Pedersen, "The History of School and Summer Vacation"). This system allowed for more days within the learning period and allotted for students to get more out of their education. Research from all the way back to a hundred years ago has shown that students tend to lose information and their footing during a traditional summer vacation (Fairchild, "Why and how communities should focus on summer learning."). The current system most public schools within the country use is a “traditional” calendar with ten-week breaks in the summer for vacation time. Today, only four percent of the public schools in America follow a balanced calendar; of that four percent, about eleven percent are charter schools (DeNisco, "Year-round schooling gains popularity."). Most wonder, why or how a year-round calendar could be beneficial for the future of tomorrow. I stand firm in the belief that year-round schooling would be beneficial because it not only shows cause for academic achievement, it also affects the finances of schools positively.
Some claim that inconsistent breaks throughout the year could be inconvenient for the parties involved, such as parents, teachers and students. This is argued because the…

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