The Benefits Of Solar Energy And Renewable Energy

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Today, 80% of the energy people use come from fossil fuels and about 1% comes from solar energy. This can be seen as not being a very practical use of energy sources since nonrenewable resources are limited. Renewable sources can be replenished and have a much smaller chance of running out than nonrenewable sources. Solar energy is one of the least used energy sources that people have access to in the world; it is also one mother Earth is relying on to save the nonrenewable fuels, such as coal. Renewable energy sources, like solar energy, are very useful resources that many do not take advantage of because of the limited amount of information that is known about its benefits in terms of environmental, economical, and time factors. Cooking coal, also known as metallurgical coal, can be used for processes like steel production. Coal comes from very old plants that had lived hundreds of years ago in swampy forests. Over the years, time has layered the dead plants with water and dirt, keeping the energy stored inside. The heat and pressure from the top layers turned the remains into coal. This means they are used up faster than they could be replaced. In other words, the more we use, the less we have. Because of so much …show more content…
The sun will always be around, which means the energy will always be consistent as long as we take care of it. Although solar energy is extracted from the sun, it does not become ineffective as the sun goes down because the energy from the sun is constant even during the night. Technology saves a copious amount of energy from the solar panels and stores enough for when there is no sun and as of today, the sun shows no signs of burning out. It has used up about half of its hydrogen fuel in the last 4.6 billion years, since its birth. And still has enough hydrogen to last approximately another 5 billion years (Enchanted Learning

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