Summary: Our Food Products Is Safe

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Where does our food come from? Our food comes from hard working farmers and large agricultural companies who supply us with food. Now, the question is, is it safe? In order to find out if our food products are safe, we must begin with the definition of agriculture. Agriculture is the creating of crops and livestock products (Janick, Altieri, and Colwell) and agriculture means the same in every nation. However, the way it’s done varies from country to country. The U.S. has the best possible environment for agriculture. Out of the total of 2,300,000,000 acres of land, 60% is used for agriculture. (Janick, Altieri, and Colwell) Along with the best condition for agriculture, the U.S. is also capable of having the best technology for agriculture. …show more content…
Even though they do not use the corns, if their neighbors or the big industries right next to them are using the corns, it is most likely that their crops are going to be contaminated. This becomes a problem because GM corn producing companies like Monsanto checks if farmers are using their product without the rights to do so. If they find out that these farmers are using their product, they would bring the farmers to court for use of their product. This is clearly unfair, but because of the law-which is favored to the company- it is unlikely for the farmers to win at the court, and they begin to suffer from the loss. Due to this happening, most corns harvested now, is the product of Monsanto and it leaves no choice for the consumers but to buy their product. The big companies keep getting rich while the small and weak farmers keep suffering from their loss. (Kintisch) The health of the consumers are important, but the economic life of our farmers are another thing for us to think about. So is GM food safe? Many consumers tend to think that GM foods are hazardous to people with little knowledge. For us to understand if they are actually dangerous, we must test the foods for safety. 50% of GM foods are produced and shown to the public in the U.S. This is a large percentage compared to other nations. This shows how much the American residents are exposed to genetically modified food. (Terry L.

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