The Benefits Of Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

1710 Words Mar 30th, 2016 null Page
Our world is very over populated, and in this extreme population there are many people that need to be fed. Even in America, there is a dilemma of food shortages. More and more farmland, whether for harvesting or livestock, is being overtaken by urban developments. How is the farming industry supposed to feed the ever growing population? Genetically modified organisms, or GMOS, could be just one solution to this developing problem. When people think of genetically modified organisms, the first thing that comes to mind are all of the dangers that come with them. They are not something to avoid but rather something to embrace for the future. GMOs can bring so many benefits to today 's world. Things in relation to costs, chemicals, and benefits to the agricultural world are some of the advantages that are brought from having GMOs available in our world. With the numerous studies that have been conducted, it should be easy to see all of the good in using GMOs. Although the general public makes GMOs out to be something dangerous, they have more benefits for current and future generations.
Arguably one of the largest caution that people have about genetically modified organisms are how safe they are. There are speculations that GMOs cause severe allergies and other major health problems. Many studies have been organized proving this to be wrong, as Hank Green states “there has been zero indication that genetically modified food poses a danger to human health” (Bratskeir, 2015…

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