The Benefits Of A College Education

College education is a big decision every high school student has to make and it is a choice that affects the rest of their life. Depending on what a career path a person chooses to pursue a college education may be crucial to finding a good paying job. College Education is very valuable in the workforce today. A college education will allow a some to learn interpersonal skills, gain wisdom and knowledge, look at other possible career options, get better employment opportunities and on average make a greater salary.
Although some people think that a high school graduate can pick up interpersonal skills from going straight to the workforce, college teaches students important skills they will not learn otherwise. A college student will learn
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Professors offer one on one with a student if they need guidance. “Professors are considered experts in their field, so visit a prof during office hours to get some job advice and benefit from your college education resources. In addition, career counselors can administer in-depth personality tests, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or the Strong Interest Inventory. These tools will help you identify careers that satisfy your preferences” (“Ways to get career related experience”). At college a student will be able to take a personality test and a strong interest inventory test to find which career is the right fit. These tests are not going to be available to take unless a student goes to college.Field work can be done as part of a student’s college experience. During a student 's college experience they have a chance to do field work in an environment related to their career (“ The Value of Networking”). When at college, a student is surrounded by colleagues from every department. This can be very rewarding when a student wants hands on experience and work related work. By doing a field study a student would get exposure to challenges that face their possible career choice. A fellowship allows students to check out other careers. Fellowship Office — There are lots of fellowship opportunities that pay for students to travel, research, …show more content…
A graduate with a degree will allow a person to make to make more than a co worker who has the same job. The highest paying jobs even vary with someone with entry level education and a mid level education (“Web.07”). This shows how someone with the exact same job will not make as much as someone with a degree that has that job. College graduates with a degree have better chance at getting a higher position in a job. College graduates can make millions more than high school graduate (“ College Graduates”). These numbers show that just settling to make 2.2 million a lifetime is not worth it, when someone could make up to 6 million in their lifetime. A college degree will allow someone to make a better salary. A student with a bachelor 's degree is 84 times more likely to make more than a high school graduate (“ College Graduates”). With this statistic, It shows that most everyone that receives a higher education will get a better salary. Statistics do not lie, college students make a lot of money contrary to students with only a high school diploma. Having a college education will allow a person to to go above the standards in the work force. While hard work and a good work ethic is vital when competing for a job, having knowledge and wisdom along with a major will allow a student to get

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