Essay on The Benefits Of Dairy Milk

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Dairy milk has played such a beneficial part in many lives; strengthening bones, flavoring tea, and helping humans grow nice and tall right? So one may think. "But it’s milk – she’s supposed to drink lots of it," said the mother of a one hundred pound nine year old who was drinking an average of four glasses a day (Freedhoff 1). During many people’s adolescent years they are told to drink lots of milk and grow big and strong, yet no one ever showed them proof that dairy milk actually did complete what it has been promising to do for so long. “For example... did you know that according to a study from the Harvard Medical School, some types of milk could cause as much damage to your health as smoking 4 packs of cigarettes a day? Think about that… Smoking four packs a day is almost certain to lead to an early death. It’s ridiculous. And it’s something even the most aggressive chain smokers don’t do” (Hill 2). Contrary to popular belief, cow milk is not as healthy for humans as originally thought. In fact, recent statistics and research show that dairy based milk has more negative health effects than positive. Humans need to switch to alternative sources of protein and calcium.
Dairy based milk has an exceedingly negative effect on skin care. Cow’s milk happens to be a known cause of acne. “Drinking milk and consuming dairy products from pregnant cows exposes us to the hormones produced by the cow’s pregnancy, hormones we were not designed to consume during our teenage and…

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