The Benefits Of Chocolate

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Purpose of the study
Chocolate has gained its popularity nowadays and consumed by the people in all segments, all ages of a society all over the world. The sweetness and it potential to alleviate stress, increase sensory pleasure and positive emotions are the factors that make chocolate one of the people’s favorite beverage compared to other beverage. (Konar, 2016). However, consuming too much of the chocolate can adverse to health effects such as weight gain, heart disease and diabetes. One bar of chocolate contains 235 calories and 13 grams of fat that may lead to cardiovascular disease and stroke. Presence of 221 grams no nutritional value of sugar can cause diabetes where there is a spikes in blood sugar which can make the body resistant
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Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a world without chocolate since chocolate is one of the most popular food and become an indispensable part of most people's daily routine. Chocolate are semisolids suspension which consist of cocoa mass and sugar suspended in cocoa butter matrix. (Konar,2016). On the other research by Unity Scientific (2015) mentioned that chocolate is made from beans derived from the cocoa trees with the additions of sugar up to 50% in chocolate confectionary since these beans are very bitter. Sugars or sweeteners are the most importance ingredient for the structural and sensorial characteristics of chocolate. They transmit the sweet taste to the chocolate, improve the flavor and enhance the perceived creaminess and because of that, sweetness control is very critical element in achieving maximum consumer acceptance. However, the most widely sweeteners used in chocolate which is sucrose, provides high calories and moderately high GI, leading to adverse health effects such as diabetes and obesity. Influenced by this issues, consumers are demanding for healthy low-sugar or sugar-free chocolates.( Ana et al, 2014). The same issues is also highlighted by Joel (2013) which mentioned that the extremely rich source of many essential nutrients that can be used in …show more content…
and *Kijroongrojana, K.,2015). The faster carbohydrates break down and raise blood sugar indicates high glycemic index and not usually preferred to be consumed as it is not good for dietary management. Sucrose is a disaccharide that consist of the chemically linked monosaccharides glucose (GI of 100) and fructose (GI of 25) and has a glycemic index (GI) of 65 which can be considered as high.( Roger Philip Aidoo,2015). (Ana, 2015) suggested that there are some natural sweeteners that can be alternative beneficial compounds to replace sucrose due to their low glycemic index ,for example barley malt, brown rice syrup from raw sugars and grains, lucuma (Pouteria obovata) , stevia leaves and liquorice

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