The Benefits Of Animals In Zoos

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Zoos are places where animals are put on displays and where they have to live their entire life. People can visit zoos for money and watch animals like they are in some kind of television show or commercial program that is made for people only. People have to notice that we should not exhibit animals at zoos just for our entertainment. Animals in zoos should have the freedom they deserve and live in the wildlife where they belong.

Zoos may be very necessary for endangered species. But, there are different ways how to save and continue existence of endangered species. Every zoo has had choice how they do it. Some zoos are breeding endangered species trying to continue the species, but that is not right, because it leads to very complicated
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But animals in zoos are forced to live in captivity for their whole life. They have to live their whole lives in tiny cages, where they have almost no space to move around. Every move in their lives is controlled and manipulated. Animals themselves do not have any influence or a say in their lives. Zoos control when and what they eat, whom they share their living space with or whom they mate with. Zoos have taken away everything from animals. Everything that makes them wild animals. It is very clear that animals in zoos are under stress and mentally ill.They are born to be free and they should be free, living in a wild, doing what they want to do, eat what they want and eat when they want to. And nobody has the right to put them in a cage, sell or trade them just like zoos do. It is clear that the living conditions at zoos are not how they should be. For example, many animals who naturally live in large herds or family groups are kept alone or in pairs, or birds wings may be clipped so that they cannot fly, or their cages are too small. For example Tallinn Zoo living conditions are very bad. Like, polar bears who are meant to be live in cold weather and in a place where is ice and snow, are forced to live in small enclosures, where the only place where they can cool down is a small pool. But the big animals are not the only ones that suffer small ones suffer too. The goats at the children's area are often overfed. The cages for smaller animals are too small. The birds cages are too small too, birds can not really fly around. But these are only some of the things that are wrong

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