Persuasive Essay On Wild Animals

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Between 5,000 and 7,000 tigers are kept, as pets in the United States, which is more than currently, exist in the wild. People believe it’s a marvelous idea to in slave animals in their own sense of enjoyment and take away the nature of exotic species. Domesticating wild mammalians can invite extreme situation, such as the beast becoming dangerous when they once seem innocent, and these action leads the animal to be on the endangered species list; therefore they should be rehabilitated then released into their natural habitat.
I am by no means against rescuing these mighty mammals for rehabilitation, to then be released back into their natural habitat. The purpose is to take a wild animal in for care to nurse it back to it full health. Once
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I don’t understand how a zoo gets away with capturing these innocent animals for attraction. Enchantments such as zoos, take animals to hold them captive for the pleasures of money that come upon the audience. Wild animals have the fight or flight instinct that comes natural to them and can turn on a human in the blink of an eye. In fact, about 42% animals have escaped, 24% humans have been injured, 14% animal deaths and human death are roughly 20% of that. Having non-domesticated animals in a domestic setting can have a human-wildlife conflict, which can have a negative impact on the natural life of a wild animal often resulting in injury to the human, wildlife, or both. Animals may seem like "they 're very [loving], just like a puppy," but then they grow up, yet wild animal, they can become dangerous, which is why people are debating whether owning wild pets should be banned. These can also endanger the alluring creatures by changing their genetics regions. These animals will become house pets and lose their sense of survival, until one day when this sense is evoked from within the physical being and all of a sudden the beast becomes a threatening …show more content…
The more domesticated a species become, the more likely they are disappearing from their breeding strand. There has been 75 deaths in between the year 1990-2011 among wild animals. Multiple of deaths have accorded because people do not understand that “the word "domestic" implies a situation,” in which could be scary. The potential of taking an exotic animal out of it element to transfer it into a domesticated pet is like a human going to space with out a helmet, the animal can’t randomly survive the house environment. With a year long process, humans are able to change the genetics of a wild animal, so it becomes domesticated. It is also feasible to undertake a young species to adapted to humans, but to deprive it from it’s natural environment is like “robbing them of a critical survival trait: fear--of humans and other predators.” In recent years animals have become subject to lose of life for the pure satisfaction of human stupidity due to threats of animal

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