Bottlefeeding Benefits

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As a new parent, one of the biggest decisions to make involving their newborn child is whether the baby will be feed through breast or bottle. Some might say that breast is best. But there are other individuals who have reasons to why he/she may lean more towards bottle-feeding. There are benefits and conflicts on both breastfeeding and bottle-feeding. But parents depend more on the feeding method that is more convenient and healthier for their newborn infant.
The amount of times a baby eats is usually as many as ten times each day. It is common for a newborn to increase the amount of milk he/she will take in at each feeding. The newborn also does not have to eat as often in the first few weeks. When the baby reaches the age of two months,
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There are some doctors who would suggest for new parents who have an infant that is growing poorly to receive a supplement that would benefit the baby’s growth. But one of the wonderful things about breastfeeding is that breast milk already meets the nutritional needs of most infant. Supplements may not be needed due to the nutrition that the breast milk provides. It also stimulates better immune system functioning. It may even protect babies from the risk of becoming overweight in later years. Breast milk benefits babies because it provides immunological protection on infants and reduces rates of hospital admissions for illness that are related to diarrhea, pneumonia, gastroenteritis, bronchitis, ear infection and colic. Breastfed infants are also less likely to face death in infancy. Breastfeeding helps the growth of nerves and the intestinal tract of the newborns, which increases the speed of weight and size gain. Scientific evidence show that breastfeeding has a higher affectivity on preventing dental caries in infants. Dental caries is a term for tooth decay or cavities. Children face many benefits when breastfeeding is continued in the second half-year of the newborn’s life. Babies who suck the areola region of the mother’s breast will adopt a posture that is fitting for the infant’s breathing through the nose with tongue in proper position. This helps build the right sounds in speech and appropriate transport of food.
With multiple positive effects on infants contributed by breastfeeding, there are also negative sides to breastfeeding. There have been several reports that suggested breastfeeding to be the reason for development of non-nutritive sucking habits of children and possibly responsible for some forms of malocclusion. The term malocclusion is the imperfect positioning of the teeth when an individual’s jaw is closed. Breastfeeding

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