Essay on The Being - Original Writing

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The Being
5 Years Ago
“Christina, we have to go, now!”, my best friend Gwen said. Gwen has been in my life since I was born so when she gets back from her phone call I know something’s up. “G, what is it”, I looked at my friend worried, something wasn’t right.
“Your parents are in trouble, they told me to hide you and take you far away. They said they knew this day was coming but I never thought that He would find you. We have to get out of town now!”, G responded. I hadn’t a clue what was going on, I remember my mother telling me I could go with Gwen, but that I’d have to stay a few days. “G, I have to go to my parents now”, I race home and had gotten there in less than fifteen minutes when I heard screaming coming from my house. Gwen is right behind me telling me not to go it’s dangerous, that we can’t be here. I went around to the back and as I ran and opened the door my mom was lying on the ground in a pool of her own blood. “MOM, Mom what happened, are you hurt”. I stared at my mom wondering who could have done this. “Chrisy”, my mother spoke to me. “Run, get away from here. They have found you and they will not rest until they have killed you to”, my mom whispered. “You are more special than you realize, now go. He will come back. He has killed time and time again, and he will get you. Go to New Orleans, find the blind women. Take your bow and arrow, you will need it”. I watched the life leave my mother. As I looked up I see Gwen trying to fight a giant beast with…

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