The Behavioral Belief For Arnold Essay

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1. Based on the information I have about Jacoby and his family, I believe I have information about the behavioral beliefs, evaluation of behavioral outcomes, normative beliefs, motivation to comply, control beliefs and perceived power for Arnold.

The behavioral belief for Arnold is that he thinks Jacoby’s behavior is bad. Not only does he feel this way, but his wife and daughter are also worried about Jacoby. They believe his behaviors are bad and detrimental to his health and future, although Jacoby may not feel the same way. Arnold’s evaluation of behavioral outcomes is that he is worried about outcomes of his son’s behaviors. He knows that his currently lifestyle will not lead to anything of purpose and the outcomes are all bad. The normative belief for Arnold is that he must not know anyone who is successful who drinks, does drugs and has unprotected sex. We learned he is a plumber, so in his group of peers, these things are not so common. No one important to Arnold is doing these things. Now Arnold may see the motivation to comply for Jacoby, because if he has always been quiet, he may want to keep his new friends. Arnold may also see that his son’s control beliefs are not strong. When his sister gave him condoms, he did not seem to even want to try using them. Although it may be easy to change the behaviors in thought, Jacoby seems to have a hard time thinking he can change his behaviors. Arnold even offered him a job and he turned it down. Being his father, he may…

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