The Behavior Of The Nanny Essay

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Describe the problem/s (unacceptable behaviors) from the point of view of the Nanny.

The Nanny express to the parents that some of the outbursts from Madison may be arising from them not giving their children any responsibilities that they are capable of doing. She also comments on how the children hit, scream, ignore and argue with their parents when given directions to do something. In addition, that some of Harry’s behaviors are Harry trying to get his parents to take control of the situation.

2. Describe the problem/s (unacceptable behaviors) from the point of view of each parent.

The parents describe the problem behaviors as throwing tantrums, screaming, physical contact, and not listening to instructions. They state that this is a daily occurrence with their children. They believe that their son, Harry, is catching on to his older sister’s behavior because he sees her getting away with it. 3. What are the strengths of the family?

This family displays many strengths between the parents and the children. The mother cares for her children unconditionally, but understands that there needs to be a change for the sake of her children and her relationship. Even though it does upset her to see her children crying, the mother is capable of sticking to the rules because she knows it is in their best interest. The father is aware that there is a problem with not only the behavior of his children, but in the way he and his wife are handling the inappropriate behavior.…

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