The Beginning Of American Teaching Essay

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Today’s society see teachers as if they are not important and there are better jobs out into the world that people can be doing with their lives. What they do not understand is that teachers are the people who shape the future generations and make society run. Without teachers, our society would not be moving as smoothly as it is now. Throughout the decades, the roles of teaching have changed. In the 1830’s was the start of American teaching changing though time. Horace Mann established a normal school, a school to train teachers for the elementary teaching, in Lexington, Massachusetts. This school showed Mann, that women teachers are better suited for teaching kids. Mann said, “Reason and experience have long since demonstrated that children under 10 or 12 years of age can be more genially taught and more successfully governed by a female than by a male teacher”(243). He thought that women had good taste, good manners, and great moral which were important to be ingrain into a child. Though it was the 1800’s and there was the stigma of how women are to act and be, if you were a girl and a teacher it was a lot different. For example, Horace made it so they can not cross the threshold of the school if they are not dressed from head to toe. He said this because he believed that teachers were protectors of American morality so that they should not be seen as anything other than that though out the school and even the towns society. Into the 20th century it is still true…

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