Essay about The Beauty Standards Of Beauty

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Beautiful is an adjective that every woman wants to be described with. Women want to feel beautiful and for other people to recognize them as so. Which is perfectly normal, however, the standards of exterior beauty for women have become utterly unrealistic. It has gotten to a point with the retouching and airbrushing that even the models the everyday women idealize were all complaining about different parts of their bodies. Their necks, their thighs, their stomachs, their eyes… And it hit Ann that these models were the pinnacle of beauty that society was holding up as every woman’s ideal, yet it still was not good enough. (Anderberg 73) Women are left having to spend hours getting ready everyday just to get in the same ball park as the beauty standards. Instead of living in a world where a woman’s interior beauty, her intellect, and her personality shine, we live in a state where none of that matters if she does not have a pretty face. Society needs to be given a reality check on what is important and everyone needs to notice these current standards are ruining women. Currently the idea woman is “tall, has long legs, a narrow waist, full red lips, huge eyes, straight symmetric teeth, and long fingers” (Hofel 37). Every woman is to force themselves to appear as if they just came off an assembly line. It has reached a point where “if [women] don’t have the right genetic makeup, [they] will never meet the media’s beauty ideals” (Graydon 29). Even children are forced to…

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