The Beauty Myth Of Beauty Essay

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The beauty myth refers to the idea that beauty is something that is impossible to attain. This myth is focused around the image of having the perfect body , hair ,eyes etc. meaning that the "whiter " you appear then the more acceptable you 'll become in society. Women have come to the realization that to get ahead in life they need to have this perfect image, so looking the part is the beginning stage. For instance, cosmetic surgery is something that plays a huge impact in our society today, because of images in the media and constant Photoshop it has made it a struggle for women and even men to accept themselves as they are. The eyelid and empowerment presentation is one example of how women take drastic measures to attain a certain look to be seen as more "beautiful". The three main surgeries, which can cost thousands of dollars, The first surgery that was explained, was liposuction which is a procedure where the surgeon sucks all of the fat out of someone 's body normally from the abdomen ,hips, thighs and buttocks to give them a smaller frame. The next surgery is breast augmentation, usually depending on the individual some women may go larger in size while others would actually get a reduction to reduce the size of their breasts. The next surgery is one that I find to be the most extreme is Blepharoplasty which is eyelid surgery. This involves removing excess skin from the upper lids. This is related to gender inequality by showing how difficult it can be for women to…

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