The Beauty And Ugliness Of The Human Spirit And Nature Essay

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Walt Whitman and Pablo Neruda were both authors of great transcendental and humanist works that emphasized both the beauty and ugliness of the human spirit and nature ( Neruda’s work was inspired by Whitman’s ideas and Neruda is able to transform Whitman’s ideas about nature and humanity through looking at the subjects and their destruction. Although, indicated by his optimistic tone, Whitman saw more beauty in life than Neruda could-they demonstrate through their imagery and diction that human life and nature are incredibly powerful natural forces that should be respected and appreciated for its existence and power. Through their imagery and diction, Whitman and Neruda both demonstrate a deep care and appreciation for human life and believe that human life has much greater meaning beyond just living. In Neruda’s 11th poem, he discusses how man is much larger than life and that “man is broader than sea and islands” (Neruda, XI). Neruda believes that man is much “broader” than the expanse of the “sea and islands” because he wants to demonstrate that man’s purpose is much more complex and meaningful than the complexity and power of nature. Neruda demonstrates that man is a much larger idea than the seas and islands, demonstrating that man is the environment being self-aware, therefore, it is important that we express our power with respect to the nature that has granted it to us. Whitman also demonstrates the same idea in where he discusses how the…

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