The Battle Of The Spanish Civil War Essay

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Similar to the American Civil War, the Spanish Civil War had long lasting, distressing effects and consequences. The conflict between Nationalists and Loyalists first began with a revolt against the Spanish republic government, but soon it became a bloody and widespread war. The Spanish Civil War, which lasted from 1936 to 1939, marked the birth of a new political party in Spain that caused much turmoil. In the series of only 3 short years, thousands of people lost their homes, while hundreds fled the country. It is estimated that during the war 500,000 people were killed and 130,000 of those deaths were executions by the conflicting parties (Simkin). It is estimated that about 11 percent of the Spanish population was physically affected by the Spanish Civil War, either by injuries or death. By 1930 Spain was undergoing big problems. They had lost their colonies and saw the collapse of their once all-powerful empire. The country and its government were in ruins. For this reason, the Second Republic was formed and overthrew the government, which had previously been a monarchy. This new government, however, was not an improvement. They demonstrated complete incompetence, and their lenient policies made them unable to carry out any reforms and maintain law and order in the nation (Spanish Fiestas). It also didn’t help that the Catholic Church, a very influential force and crucial aspect of Spanish life, was opposed to this new Republican government and their idea of social…

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