Civil War: The Causes, The Comparisons, And The Predictions

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The Civil War; The Causes, The Comparisons, and The predictions

The American Civil War was a war fought within the United States of America between the North and South Colonies starting from 1861 and ending in 1865. This war was one of the Deadliest events in American history, costing more than 600,000 Americans their lives. From the South’s point of view, this war was a War for Southern Independence, whereas the North saw it as a Revolt to the Union. This war started as a result of many years of differences between the North and South Colonies of the country. It erupted in conflict after many years of build up between the two regions. Between the two, there lay deep economic, social and political differences, but it is Imperative to understand
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But honestly, the War was inevitable. There was no way in my opinion that this war could have been avoided. Too many people wanted slavery gone, there were too many abolitionists in the north and too many slave owners in the south. In fact, there were already too many revolts happening due to slavery across the two regions. In 1831 there was the Nat Turner rebellion, where Nat turner (a slave) took 6 others slaves and went from plantation to plantation killing all slave owners, eventually his 6 turned into 40 slaves building in numbers per plantation raided. There was widespread fear in the aftermath of the rebellion, and white militias organized in retaliation against slaves. The raids only lasted a few days, turner was caught months later. The state executed 56 slaves accused of being part of the rebellion, and in the frenzy, many enslaved people who did not participate were still punished. At least 100 blacks and possibly up to 200, were murdered by militias and mobs in the area. Then In 1858 John Brown led a violent attempt to cause a slave uprising. This only led to bloodshed and angered the South. The lecture in class stated “The South saw this as a plot to end slavery by force, especially as Browns purpose was to slaughter white slave-owners.” In class it was also said that “As of 1860 America had 19 antislavery states and 15 slave-holding states” practically half of the United States at the time, was in disagreement …show more content…
As any war would have ended, the War ended with huge losses to both sides. More Americans were killed in the Civil War than in all other American wars combined. Apart from the amount of casualties, the loss of property and money, the country now needed to work together in order to rebuild what was lost. Emotionally, it would take many years for most people to overcome the punishment of the war. This was followed by twelve years of Reconstruction, during this the North and South debated the future of African Americans and fought bitter political battles. There was a good outcome to this ugly war, slavery came to an end legally. But the war did not bring equal rights for African Americans, they still had their own war to fight, the fight for equal

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