The Battle Of The American Civil War Essay

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What led to the American Civil War is a topic of debate which lacks a simple answer. There is heated debate whether the war was fought for emancipation or to preserve the Union. Historians can advocate for either argument since both sides have ample evidence to support their respective standpoint. Both Hollywood and scholarship agree that the Civil War is a war to preserve the Union. While the issue of slavery was a massive factor in the war, it was not the defining factor. The Union army never declared war to coerce the South into abolishing slavery, but to keep the country united. The Union Army fought to maintain the Union, and the emancipation proclamation serves as a means to end the war. Like many scholars, Glory, Gods and Generals, Gettysburg, and Lincoln depict the civil war as a conflict primarily about Union rather than emancipation.
Both the North and the South had a purpose in fighting, the Union’s motivate was to preserve the Union. First, a popular sentiment in the North, including Lincoln’s, was viewing the Confederacy as a rebellion instead of a separate nation. In having that mindset, the war was never to force your laws upon the rebellion forces, but instead it was to reunite the divided nation. Second, Northern troops enlisted in the armed forces to join the fight against the rebellion, and a great number of Northerner troops were upset with the war becoming a war of emancipation. In Gods and Generals, there was a scene where Lieutenant Colonel Joshua…

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